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One of the nice features of the 10BA Professional Financial Calculator is the foreign currency converter. To run the converter, from the main home screen tap the FOREX icon on the toolbar. Select the base and counter currencies, type in the number that you want to convert then tap the convert icon to the left of the [RCL] key.

Below are few things that you want know about the converter.

  • The rates provided by the converter should be used as indication only.
  • Use the [REFRESH] function to refresh the rates data inside your phone, internet connection is required.¬†Note however the server updates hourly so refreshing the rates more than once within the same hour is not necessary.
  • If you try to refresh the rates but internet connection is not available, the last available rates stored locally inside the phone will be used with the status "OFF-LINE" shown.
  • The rates are current as of the date and time shown in the time stamp.


Currency converter inside 10BA Professional Financial Calculator for Android


  • Vaden Haynes

    How do you get the forex function to show all four decimals?

    Is their a manual/tutorial for the calculator? Can it be downloaded?


      You can change the number of decimal places from the calculator’s main menu. Go to the main calculator screen, then tap the three dots icon at top right then select ‘Settings’.


      Hello Milton,

      Each of the keys/functions on the app has a help feature that describes what the key/function does, and one or two examples on usage. To open the help feature, tap the HELP icon on the top right then tap the key/function.

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